If you want a speaker that makes your people feel motivated after the speech, there are a number of speakers out there to choose from. But if you want your team to be motivated and also hear someone that’s inspirational, thought-provoking, and behavior-changing then Scott Fedor is your choice. His heartfelt conversation about focusing on what we can control, hard work, maintaining a positive attitude, and not losing sight of the inches that are all around us made an incredible impact on my team. Scott has a unique ability to connect with a wide group of people, and I know my staff will be talking about his message for years to come.

Brent Stehlik
Executive Vice President
Cleveland Browns

Scott Fedor is a vibrant speaker who makes his faith and courage come alive to each group he meets. His humor, personal stories, and continuing dreams for the future resonate with audiences young and old. He speaks with passion and purpose as he tells the story of his fast-paced life nearly halted by a diving accident, and his continual progress in getting back up. Scott’s wit, humor and faith will have a huge impact on audiences.

Dan Bradesca
St. Ignatius high school

Thank you to Scott Fedor for serving as the featured speaker at Cuyahoga Community College’s Year of the Brain Series. With honesty, humor and humility Scott shared his incredible journey of living life to the fullest. His story captivated all in attendance and served as a testament to the power of the human spirit. Scott’s message of hope, faith and perseverance left a lasting impression on all in attendance, including students, faculty, staff and community members of all ages and walks of life.

Andrew Cox, PhD
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Cuyahoga Community College

I have had the pleasure of hearing Scott speak on several occasions to diverse audiences, medical professionals, students, teachers etc. Every time I hear Scott I am impressed by his ability to deliver a message that motivates his audience to see things through the perspective of perseverance, optimism and overcoming adversity. It is a message that is both empowering and at the same time captivating. I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to hear him speak to take advantage of it – we can all benefit from his insights and perspective.”

John Hogan
Hogan Consulting, LLC

Scott Fedor’s discovery about life, meaningfulness and purposefulness as told through his journey from disability to ability was inspiring and incredible. Scott’s work and visioning is having a profound impact on the people and causes he serves. Thank you for bringing your story into our lives.

Andrew Steiger
Director of Human Resources
Redwood Living, Inc.

Scott’s ability to relate to and engage a diverse group of persons was in evidence, as he tackled tough issues and inspired and motivated those in attendance. Calls for his return started as soon as he departed. It is amazing the profound effect that Scott’s openness, humor, and easy way about him have on people. In today’s world, where a speech such as this could easily be dismissed as just another speech, Scott “hit a nerve” with people, earned their respect and has become a role model for many – not bad for a little over an hour!

Doug Johnson
Author, Professor
Miami-Jacobs Career Center

Scott’s presentation was moving and powerful. He has an eloquent and captivating way of telling his miraculous story with a combination of humor, faith and gratitude. His words are inspirational to everyone who has the pleasure of hearing him speak. One of my students told me it was his favorite assembly he’d ever been to at St. Bernadette!

Allison Hinkel
Junior High Teacher
St. Bernadette

Scott Fedor presented a powerful talk to our middle school students during our Positive Direction program. He shared his story with absolute honesty, describing the hardships and disappointments that have occurred since his accident, but doing so in a way that left the students feeling uplifted. He used terrific humor in his talk and above all taught the children the importance of perseverance, strength and faith. I am certain that his talk will have a lasting impact on everyone who heard it. Having Scott Fedor as part of our program was truly a gift.

Erin Fawcett
Positive Direction Chairman
St. Joseph School (Sylvania, Ohio)

As Scott was sharing his story at our school, the students were mesmerized listening to him. What a story of resilience and perseverance. There was laughter and even a few tears. Our students were able to take from the presentation motivation to triumph through trials in their life. I highly recommend having Scott share with your students how, ‘inch by inch is a cinch. But yard by yard is very hard’. After hearing him, our students believe they too can accomplish anything they set their minds to do.

Heidi Armentrout
Edwards Middle School

Scott Fedor has defined for me what it means to be brave, and his vitality in the face of difficulty is truly inspiring. His faith and courage have inspired my music in a big way and have helped me more than I can say.

Kate Voegele
Singer, Songwriter, Actress

Scott honored us at our company meeting with a deeply moving, heartfelt look into his incredible journey of living the exhilarating life of a thrill seeking young professional, through then having that idyllic life all change in a split second, to that of his having to deal with, what can only be termed as these almost unfathomable lows, to then the remarkable accomplishments he’s made to get back to where he is today after enduring so much to get there. He made us all acutely aware of his resolute commitment to climb back up to where his life is today, what is now his new, ‘normal’, and he did so in a riveting manner that showed us all that a life lived in faith is a life worth living.

John Fasola
Sr. Vice President, Director Group Benefits
Oswald Companies

Scott’s message is inspiring and relevant on many fronts, especially when it comes to change, determination and the required attitude to achieve goals.

Holly Bender
Senior District Manager
Eli Lilly

Words can’t begin to describe the impact Scott made on our audience. He delivered his story with such hope and inspiration and since meeting him it is impossible to get him off our minds. Scott is a courageous and inspirational man and delivers a strong message of hope and faith to an audience of any age. Truly, we feel honored that he shared his experience and journey with our group.

Christina Lauria and Lisa Yates
Walsh Jesuit High School Lenten Reflection

His story is dramatic, but what captured the audience was his spirit and tenacity. Those who hear him speak will undoubtedly be very inspired and challenged to look at their lives differently.

Denise Paulsen APRN, MSN, CRRN
MetroHealth Medical Center

Scott’s speech was the perfect fit for our Honors Program Presentation. He conveyed to students and their guests the importance of education and perseverance. His inspiring personal story showed students that just because your life drastically changes, it is far from over. So many students commented after the event on how grateful they were that they heard his message. Scott has the type of charisma that makes everyone feel comfortable around him.

Melissa Zagata & Athena Mericsko
Asst. Professors of English
Cuyahoga Community College

Scott delivers a powerful and inspirational presentation that breaks down misperceptions about people with disabilities. His compelling personal story and determination to overcome life’s obstacles challenges his audience to look beyond physical differences and see the abilities of people with special needs. Audiences will leave with a renewed sense of what it means to live and be motivated to work for justice in their communities.

Mark Soeder
Perry High School

Scott spoke at our nursing symposium and the feedback was unanimous – Scott’s story is moving. He is an inspiration to all of us and he makes us look at life differently!

Mary Jo Elmo
Project Manager
University Hospitals Case Medical Center

Scott Fedor is a man of action even though he is a quadriplegic survivor of an unfortunate accident. His ability to overcome his physical limitations and share his enthusiasm for life is a beautiful example of the depth of his faith in God. By sharing his story he brings to his audience a clear message that challenges need not be stumbling blocks, but rather stepping stones to a greater depth of inner peace and joy. Listening to Scott is truly inspirational.

Richard B. Fratianne, MD
Professor Emeritus
Case Western Reserve University

As part of the team that cared for Scott during the early days of his injury, having him speak at our medical conference was a special privilege that we as healthcare providers don’t often have the chance to experience. His words are engaging and the personal recount of his incredible life journey, before, during and after his accident, provide a unique and fascinating presentation style. Bringing to light his perspective as a patient with his ability to uphold grace, humility, dignity and even humor, was invaluable to us as caregivers.

Sara Sturgeon
Flight Nurse
West Michigan Air Care

I sat in the audience at the ADA25 event and listened to Scott’s keynote speech and just want to say that what an impressive and insightful speech was delivered. There were a lot of speeches, proclamations and comments about the ADA and its impact on lives and lifestyles by a variety of speakers from persons with disabilities to politicians and the like. However, Scott’s comments were straightforward, direct, inspiring and from the heart. I don’t and won’t remember much about what was said by many speakers, but to hear Scott describe in detail that “Attitude is Altitude” and “Inch by Inch Is a Cinch, But Yard by Yard Is Very Hard” will stay with me for a long time.

Chuck Heindrichs
Linking Employment, Abilities and Potential (LEAP)

Scott Fedor provided our wellness program with an inspiring and powerful presentation that was everything I was hoping for and more. Every employee who was lucky enough to hear Scott’s message was profoundly moved and left with a different perspective on life and adversity. The goal of every speaker should be leaving your audience with wanting more and Scott accomplished that unlike almost anyone I have experienced.

David Antonelli
Wellness Director
Delphi Automotive

Teaching teenagers about their faith is a difficult job. Through his strong sense of God, masterful storytelling and great use of humor, Scott Fedor taught my students more about God’s love in an hour than I probably will all year!

Katie Bradesca
St. Joseph School (Avon Lake, Ohio)

Scott’s talk provides real hope and insight to those dealing with a struggle in their lives.

Deacon Pete Moore
St. Joseph's Church

Awesome! Your moving and inspiring words will be the best Christmas gifts that all of us who heard you speak will receive this year.

Scott Spinhirn
St. Bartholomew Holy Name Society

Scott has a wonderful message of hope and healing. We could have listened to him share his story all day long. We were totally engaged, moved by his story, faith, and determined spirit. Despite the many hurdles he faces every day, he sees his paralysis as a blessing. Clearly, God has called Scott to share that blessing with others. He helps his audience to see the challenges of life through a new lens, a lens which puts it all into perspective and reminds us that we ‘can do all things through Him who strengthens us’ (Phil 4:13).

Beth Davis
Director of Advancement
Incarnate Word Academy