“Inspiring. Powerful. Captivating. Humorous.”

Scott Fedor is a professional keynote speaker with a powerful and lasting message of overcoming adversity and keeping the faith. Thousands of people who have heard his message are left with an uplifting sense of hope and appreciation for the human spirit. That’s because he is a refreshing and inspirational testament to the strength and drive of the human soul.

Scott is able to draw from his rich life experiences, leading up to his devastating accident and through his resilient recovery, to communicate his message of inspiration that is sure to impact all those who hear him speak. Since Scott’s devastating injury he has continued to defy the odds and grow stronger. He is an inspiring motivational speaker whose message resonates with all audiences!


– The Power of a Positive Attitude
– Perseverance through Difficult Times
– Faith in the Face of Adversity
– Living with a Disability
– Learning to Accept Change and Staying Flexible