Scott Fedor is a motivational speaker who draws from his rich life experiences, leading up to his devastating accident and through his resilient recovery, to communicate his message of inspiration that impacts all those who hear him speak. He has spoken to groups ranging from Fortune 500 companies to inner-city schools about the power of a positive attitude, the importance of faith and perseverance through difficult times.


Scott’s world was shattered when he broke his neck in a 2009 diving accident. The devastating injury rendered him a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the neck down. Told he would never breathe on his own, move his body, or spend long periods of time out of bed, Scott made it his mission to defy the odds. His determination to stay positive and maintain a relentless focus on what he wished to achieve, helped him exceed the expectations of those original doctors.


Due to his injury and dedication to overcome adversity, Scott is in the unique position to use his experience to assist others confront challenges. He established Getting Back Up to provide those with spinal cord injuries with adaptable products and participation in exercise-recovery programs. He is a member of the Adversity 2 Advocacy Alliance, turning personal challenges into service to others, and serves on the board of, LEAP, which assists individuals living with disabilities.


Never one to sit still, Scott’s zest for life rewarded him with exploits across the globe. He has lived in Shanghai, Hong Kong and London, while his sense of adventure ran the gamut from skydiving to bull riding to sport fishing, as well as scripting a WGA-registered screenplay. Scott is a graduate of Lehigh University and holds an MBA in Marketing from the University of Michigan.


Throughout his extraordinary journey, Scott has continued to draw strength from his faith, family and positive attitude. He is on a mission to help others rise above hardships, confront their challenges, and achieve the best possible life. His inspirational message resonates loudly with all of those who hear his story!


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