“Here’s to the nights where the sand is your seat, the waves kiss your feet, your friends outnumber the stars and even the chilliest of nights are still warmer than the cold one in your hand.”

I think it is safe to say summer has finally arrived! The weather was beautiful and (mostly) bearable for the entire week. The familiar summer sounds of Harley engines, kids splashing in the pool and bug zappers were quite abundant over the past several days. And of course the smells of the season — suntan lotion, OFF bug spray and barbecue seemed to constantly permeate the air. I enjoyed spending time outside every day allowing my skin to gradually adapt the familiar mocha color it usually takes on during the summer — of course, it did take a few days for the “lobster glow” to fade away.

The fun started pretty early on Saturday, as my friends, Kevin, Mike and John (and his daughter, Maggie) came over for a barbecue. It was a hot one that afternoon, and sitting down wind from the barbecue pit didn’t make things any cooler. However, I did not mind the clouded mixture of propane and sizzling ground chuck that blanketed me. I was just so appreciative to be able to enjoy a summer barbecue with friends. Besides, the Dos Equis kept me cool enough!

Friday night was also a fun time, as a friend and I traveled down to the “North Shore” a.k.a. Lake Erie, to visit, Vento, a quaint, little wine bar, tucked just far enough back into the woods and away from the water to make for a very relaxing atmosphere. We enjoyed some great wine and “fun” Italian appetizers — my new favorite dish is prosciutto wrapped peppadews stuffed with mozzarella, basil pesto and sun-dried tomatoes. They are even better tasting than they sound! I came to find out that every Friday evening during the summer there is live music out on the lawn, and you are allowed to bring your own bottle(s) of wine to enjoy. I certainly plan to take in a few Friday evenings down on Lake Road this summer!

On a much more serious note, both my mom and sister had surgery this past week. Unfortunately, Lindsey had to have her second hip surgery in as many years. We were told it was successful but that she will be in a lot of pain and on crutches for several weeks. My mom had some pre-surgical work done in preparation for mouth surgery this upcoming week. Please keep both Lindsey and my mother in your prayers. It seems to have become a custom that one of the Fedors has some type of major surgery every 16 months. Over the past several years, my family has had collective surgery on its brain, eyes, mouth, spinal cord, heart, diaphragm, stomach, hip, knees and feet — a pretty impressive list if you ask me, but one that we all would have rather not been a part of.

I am continuing to fight for therapy with my insurance company/home health care company. I’m having a lot of trouble getting everyone on the same page, even though I have been told on multiple occasions that I am eligible for physical therapy. I am very fortunate for people like Dave, Pat and Holly, who continue to keep me stretched, standing and in overall pretty, decent shape. However, I sure would like to begin much more aggressive and rigorous therapy. I should receive notice in a few weeks on whether or not I have been selected as a recipient of the Mike Utley Physical Therapy Scholarship I applied for a few months ago. If selected, I’m off to Michigan for a month of very intense therapy. Fingers crossed, figuratively speaking, of course.

The monkey folks and myself had another conversation about my soon to be “little friend” last week. Things are still looking good for my apartment to be inhabited by another primate over the next few months. I still have not heard anything regarding a service dog, but realize these things take time, and am still optimistic. I really need to get going on building The Quad, otherwise my current dwelling will get very small very soon!

My buddy, Alex Malarkey, will be in town for a few days later this week. It’ll be the first time we actually meet each other in person. He is already looking forward to trying Five Guys for the first time and I don’t think he’ll be disappointed.

I have an interview Monday evening with an organization that raises awareness for clinical trials. They want to speak with me regarding my experiences with the trials I have participated in. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m always happy to do whatever I can be a strong advocate for spinal cord injuries. There is so much in the news these days regarding SCI research and advancement, that at times it is difficult even for me to keep up with everything going on! I am very excited and cautiously optimistic about what the future holds!

Finally, I’m excited to get down to Progressive Field for a few Indians games this summer. I was unable to make it down there last year and am determined to make up for it this year. The Tribe is actually playing some good ball these days, although they have lost 8 of their last 11. And speaking of ball, all of us Cavs fans have become Mavs fans for the NBA Finals, as we watch Dallas hopefully dismantle the Heat. Go Dirk!

I hope it is a great week for everyone. Please continue to keep all of us living with an SCI in your prayers. Stand strong!


Monday – 6/6/2011

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  • June 7, 2011 at 4:40 pm

    Keep up the great attitude you have about everything. You’ve got a lot going for you that only time will tell. Kep up the good work.

  • June 6, 2011 at 10:13 am

    Hi Scott,

    Glad to hear you are getting out and enjoying what we take for granted. I am sorry to hear about your mom’s and Lindsey’s surgeries. You folks are keeping the hospitals busy.


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