I stood up yesterday! Twice. Obviously, I had assistance, but I made it to my feet without getting sick or light headed. In fact, the only thing I noticed was a feeling of my stomach dropping. But it was well worth it just to see myself standing in the mirror reflection in front of me. My mom has been able to track down a tilt table – between that and the other equipment, I hope to make standing a part of my daily regimen. I still however am looking for an Easy Stand which will allow me to stay upright for prolonged periods.

Kristy gets back in town tonight. I’m excited to see her. My mom was “cat sitting” for her this past week and brought Kingsly (the cat) up for a few visits. I don’t think she is used to me in this condition yet. It’s almost as if she knows I am injured. As Kristy says I probably smell “hurt” to her and she is bothered by that. I don’t know if that is the case, but I am sure I do smell at times. Deodorant and cologne can only do so much. The therapy sessions are really quite a workout and work up a sweat. Since most of my visitors come in the evening, they get to enjoy the scent of PT rather than the mountain fresh fragrance of Speed Stick.

Some of my former TREX co-workers are making the journey from Virginia to visit me this weekend. I am looking forward to the visit, but a little nervous that a motley group of guys walking through the halls may scare the other residents. Oh well!

I am in the process of working with Hart Associates to set up a website. They have been gracious enough to offer to design the website. My hope is to post stories, articles, photos, other links, etc. to the site and eventually have it serve as a resource for spinal cord injuries.

The Plain Dealer was here again on Monday to conduct what I believe to be our final interview for a story they are working on. They have been following and documenting my story since September. They did a short film on some of my earlier stages of injury in which I told of how the injury occurred and some of the choices and decisions I have had to make along the way. The film was entered in a few film festivals for consideration. So far Hollywood hasn’t come calling. The video and article will eventually be posted to the website. I also have some buddies who wrote a song for me. Once the music is arranged and recorded I will post as well.

All of the attention I received has been overwhelming. I appreciate peoples concern and fascination with my situation, but honestly don’t see what the big deal is. It makes me happy to hear how I have inspired both friends and strangers, but I am still not sure why. I don’t really think I have done anything more special than anyone else would have done in a similar situation. It has been tough but the human spirit is resilient and I’ve been fortunate to realize this first hand. I am sure that many of you would also find the same resilience if you were in my situation. Again, I can’t stress how much all of your support has meant. Thank you.


Wednesday – 3/24/2010

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