Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! This is Scott and Kristy together and we want everyone to know that on this day and everyday we are SOOOO incredibly thankful for all the support, prayers and monetary donations we have received from all of you. Scott is thankful for his life although it is a new life. He still believes it will get better as we all do. Kristy is thankful that Scott is still here and as good looking as ever;) She is also thankful to be back at work with a company that has been beyond understanding and helpful during this challenging time. She feels that she has a second family with her company and her offices she calls on. Kristy is also thankful that she was able to run and complete her first 5 mile race! She signed up for the race to honor Scott. She had signed up thinking that she was registering for a 5K and upon her arrival this morning realized she was in a little over her head but she decided to run anyway. She really enjoyed herself and Scott really enjoyed laughing at her silly mistake. Scott is so thankful and appreciative that Kristy was able to take part in and complete the race. It meant a lot to him.

We continue to both work hard towards the miracle we all pray for. Being almost five months out now there are a lot of realities that are beginning to sink in. At times it is scary and overwhelming, however, hope still remains in our hearts and of course God is always present. Please keep praying everyone. We know the day will come.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Scott and Kristy

P.S. Although we are on a new floor….again, Scott is still allowed to see visitors. If interested in visiting feel free to contact Kristy or the family for a time that works best.

Thursday – 11/26/2009

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