We are pleased to report that a week can make a HUGE difference. Overall, Scott’s breathing has gotten much better especially during the nights. His vital capacity (lung strength) is at a new high and hopefully still climbing. This is very important, because he is halfway to where he needs to be to have his trach fully removed. In the meantime he continues to breathe the same way he did prior to the accident with the exception of the DPS.

Scott has become quite the comedian for all the nurses and other patients. He probably spends at least an hour each day laughing so hard it brings tears to his eyes. Overall, his mood seems to be more positive. There are still moments of despair and anxiety. This typically occurs early in the morning when he awakens and towards the evening as the events of the day have settled down. Scott has such a strong and stubborn personality it is still difficult for him to let go of the past and fully accept the present situation. He really enjoys reading and hearing about others with a similar injury who have made recoveries. Scott still hopes that one day he will be a member of that community.

Kristy is now back to work full time, and requires a bit more travel than usual these first few weeks. This is very tough for Scott; however, he keeps making her promises that he will be able to move his arms and hug her upon each return.
Scott spends a great deal of time trying to flex his biceps. He also tries to visualize movement in his limbs. We are all hopeful and optimistic that one day soon motor skills will return.
Kristy was with Scott for a few hours tonight before she had to leave for work for the week-end, after having just returned from being away this past week. Scott made the most of the two hours with her. They spent time driving around the unit in his chair with Kristy walking beside him; Scott needed no assistance as he has become quite adept at operating his sip and puff wheelchair. Afterwards Scott was transferred back to bed, but before Kristy left I was able to take his arms and wrap them around Kristy as she leaned in toward him. This was the first true touch Scott has been able to give Kristy since July 3. While he could not feel it in his arms he sure could feel it in his heart. Kristy was thrilled with the hug and promise that Scott delivered, even if it was with my assistance.

Scott was scheduled to leave the hospital on 11-19-09 and transfer to a skilled nuring facility for a short time; however, the insurance company seems to be forcing an earlier move. This is unsettling because we have not been able to find and secure a nursing facility due to short notice and our travel schedules. The doctors at Metro have really stepped up to offer their assistance to talk to the insurance company in maintiaing the original discharge date. We are not sure where things stand at the moment. We all continue to pray that things will work themselves out.

This past week Scott was measured for his wheelchair and he gave a lot of input regarding what he wanted – lets keep our fingers crossed that his permanent wheelchair will be more accommodating and comfortable that the one he currently is using. Also this past week we finished reading “Rise and Walk”- the Dennis Byrd story. He was a New York Jet who broke his neck on a tackle during a game. Scott saw the TV movie several years ago(1994) and was so inspired by it he asked to have the book read to him 15 years later as he now faces a similar injury. Dennis’s story has touched and amazed Scott in so many ways that we are in the process of actually contacting Dennis Byrd. We have received confirmation that his agent has received Scott’s information and story. We are now waiting to hopefully hear something back, especially Scott who puts so much stock into positive and motivational recovery stories such as this one.

Additionally, Kristy has completed the necessary paperwork for Scott to obtain a helper dog. The process usually takes about 18 months, but delivers remarkably capable dogs.

Finally Scott is scheduled for a day pass, which will allow him to leave the hospital for a day without any Metro Staff. He and Kristy plan to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to see the Bruce Springsteen exhibit. The Boss has always been Scott’s favorite.

We continue to ask for your prayers that God will grant Scott that miracle that he is hoping for.

The entire family again wants to thank everyone for their donations to the Scott Fedor Discretionary Assistance Trust as thesefunds will be used to help defray the substantial medical and equipment costs. We appreciated any and all contributions.


Bobbi and Scott Fedor

Friday – 11/6/2009

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