I just wanted to quickly let everyone know that the last couple of days have presented very smooth waters and we’ve been sailing right along. Scott is still in rehab and doing at least three hours of mandatory therapy everyday along with some interspersed therapy with the recreational therapist and counseling. Our days are very full and it seems that the door is in constant rotation with nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, counselors, pt, ot, recreational therapy, case managers and others patients that just want to come in and cheer Scott on. With all this activity, we are fortunately seeing Scott sleeping a lot more during the night which is making him a little bit less anxious during the day.

Scott is still upset because he is still restricted from eating/drinking and talking. He is not happy about it but I am supporting it 100% for two reasons. First of all, every morning they do a lung capacity test to test the strength of Scotts lungs. He blew a 500 today which doubled the 250 he blew yesterday. 500 is the best he has ever blown since the injury which means his lungs, though they are still weak, are getting stronger.

The second reason I am an advocate of the conservative treatment is, the Dr brings me out to the computers to view the lung X-rays with the residents so I’ve had the opportunity to see Scotts lungs in the best shape and the worst. Today I saw that his lungs look really good. They looked like they have much more volume than previous X-rays. The reason is because the cuff on the trach is full so all of air from the vent is pushing into Scotts lungs filling them like balloons. As much as Scott despises his new rules it appears that the conservative treatment they are implementing is working.

Thank you all for the continued prayers and support! You have no idea how much the encouragement and inspiration you are all providing is helping me. We are getting to the point in time where I am starting to have to deal with many planning issues. It gets pretty overwhelming because my mind is still so consumed with Scotts health but I’m having to try to split my attention with future plans. I’m working with case managers, disability managers, and lawyers just to find out the benefits I am able to get Scott without sacrificing all we have. It’s all very complicated and with part of my mind focused on Scott it feels like too much at times. I am still pulling strength from the guestbook. Please continue to pray.

Tuesday – 8/18/2009

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